Canned Lion Hunting and the release of blood lions

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Blood Lions documentary - an expose of canned lion hunting
The Release of "Blood Lions" and our views on Canned Lion Hunting.The documentary "Blood Lions" is about to be released in the USA. No doubt it will cause a huge wave of anti-hunting sentiment once again. We too condemn the practice and have actively called upon authorities to update legislation to prevent this slaughter of captive bred lions. What the public must hear too, is that the worst of the worst cases are depicted and captured in the documentary. The footage also goes back many years, mixing old and new as if it is all current. I see that at ... Read More

Hunting Lions Controversy versus Hunting for the Truth

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Lion Hunting Controversy - a young lion yawns
Hunting Lions Controversy vs. Hunting for the Truth There is nothing right about what happened to the protected lion that was shot in Zimbabwe. The outfitter and the client should be charged accordingly and answer to their acts. But I have to ask some questions:   What do these outraged westerners in the USA and Europe know about wildlife management in Africa? Why is the whole western world up in arms because a Westerner illegally killed a lion when 100s of lions are illegally killed by Africans with snares, poisons, spears and the like? Are Africans innocent because they are ... Read More

Lion Hunting is giving us a bad name

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Hunting Lions – why “canned lion” hunting is giving hunting a bad name. Almost all lion hunts done in South Africa are released lions. There are very few wild lions to hunt as SA does not have many big reserves that allow lion hunting. So before booking a lion hunt, just check that it is what they say it is! Unfortunately, the┬álion industry has been fraught with sensation and bad practices. These are constantly being exposed by the media and all hunters are therefore tarnished. There have been drugged lions shot, lions from petting parks, old circus lions, lions shot … Read More