my view on the best hunting arrow weight

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best hunting arrow weight for hunting plains game
My view on the best hunting arrow weightI have been guiding bow hunters for the past 22 years and usually do an average of 20 hunters per season. The average hunters over the past 22 years has shot 7 animals per safari... that means 140 animals per season x 22 years... my math isn't so good - but that's a lot of animals. I have seen various broadheads perform (and not perform) on animals as varied in size from steenbuck to buffalo and giraffe and thus feel entitled to some opinion on the matter of broadheads and hunting arrow weights. ... Read More

best broadhead for african plains game

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best broadhead for african plains game
What is the best broadhead for african plains game?Mechanical broadheads have been around for quite a while now, and even though they have improved considerably, I still don't like them on mid and larger sized African game. Some clients swear by them and do have success, but we see more lost animals shot with mechanicals than we do with fixed blade broadheads. Mechanicals are great for small game, up to impala size. If hit in the right spot, they make a big channel through the animal and invariably leave a good blood trail to follow... and we don't usually have ... Read More