How bow hunting and Social Responsibility go hand in hand

In an area where unemployment is high, Melorani Safaris supports a large rural community through the employment created by hunting. There are trackers and skinners, maintenance staff as well as camp staff doing daily laundry, cooking, washing and cleaning. Each of the ten permanent staff members are the chief breadwinners for their families. Extra staff are often called in when needed and they too are well looked after.

In addition to the employment provided, Melorani has helped, and continues to help, the local village community with various donations to the school, church and kindergarten in an effort to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Melorani also supports the national agenda of conservation and empowerment. To this end we collect $10 from our clients for every trophy harvested which goes to the PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund. This fund compounds these donations multiple times at an annual Gala Dinner where exclusive hunts are donated and auctioned off. The proceeds go to training students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in conservation and hunting. Many of these students become managers of reserves all over southern Africa ensuring that the role of hunting is understood and promoted into the future.

(Melorani no longer supports PHASA as per the paragraph above – more will be posted on our blog soon)

In addition to this, the Fund supports conservation related research and initiatives.

It really is an investment which is aimed at protected our wildlife and hunting for future generations to enjoy.