Lion Hunting is giving us a bad name

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Hunting Lions – why “canned lion” hunting is giving hunting a bad name. Almost all lion hunts done in South Africa are released lions. There are very few wild lions to hunt as SA does not have many big reserves that allow lion hunting. So before booking a lion hunt, just check that it is what they say it is! Unfortunately, the lion industry has been fraught with sensation and bad practices. These are constantly being exposed by the media and all hunters are therefore tarnished. There have been drugged lions shot, lions from petting parks, old circus lions, lions shot … Read More

Hunting Buffalo in Africa

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My thoughts on hunting buffalo in Africa Craig Boddington recently wrote a great article on hunting Cape Buffalo. I’d encourage you to read it. I could not agree more with Craig Boddington. His article “The right buffalo” hits the nail on the head. Although size does matter, so does age and the hunting experience. Personally I put the experience first, age second and the measurement third on my list of priorities. A buffalo hunt is meant to be challenging. Not only should it be difficult, it is also dangerous and that makes it exciting. When the hunter looks at the trophy … Read More

Animal Rights Movement facts – The Truth

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Animal Rights Movement Facts – The Truth That You Should Know… The global Animal Rights Movement is NOT what it seems. It has perverted animal welfare goals (which are responsible and ethical) to achieving their goal of total animal liberation. Animal Rights Africa is part of the global rights movement and is linked to PETA, IFAW, ALF and HSUS. Animal rights groups are NOT animal welfare groups. They do not provide any support or management for animals or habitats. They are a political group trying to influence public opinion with their ideologies. Their massive funding goes towards these goals through awareness … Read More