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Hunting season 2018 - the bush recovers from drought at Melorani Safaris Premiere Bow Hunting destination

Bow Hunting Season 2018 and Latest News Update

It has been some time since our last newsletter, but then again when one is in negotiation with government departments things tend to move slowly.

Last year we sold our family property to government. We took this family decision as the land issue has become so politicised with a growing number of populist political parties calling to take land without compensation for the owners….like Zimbabwe! Fortunately we received market value for the property and have retained a good relationship with government and the new community owners. They don`t want us to leave Melorani, at this stage they just want to be 50% shareholders in our game and safari business which suits us very well.

Until we have set up the new venture, we have a lease over Melorani, so its business as usual for us. And even when the new entity is established, we will need all the hunter support to make it work. In fact, if it works for both parties government wants us to expand onto neighbouring farms which have already been bought out.

Government has acknowledged that land reform in SA has been a dismal failure, an embarrassment to them. In our province, they are pleading with us to make this work. They want an example to hold up as a success and too this end they are willing to invest with the right people. They have identified us as “strategic partners” to advise them on the way forward. We are taking up this challenge.

The drought is over and good summer rains have filled the ponds. The veld is in a recovery phase and the animals have bred well once again. Bea is now 87 and still feeds her menagerie of animals every evening…francolin, guineafowl, nyala, kudu and whatever else is brave enough to come near her home.

Our boys Roscoe and Richard are now 14 and 15 and are in boarding school in the Eastern Cape and Bron and I are living just down the road in Port Alfred which suits our lifestyle very well. She has involved herself in church and community work and I enjoy the pristine beaches, golf courses and the hunting and fishing that the region has to offer.

This part of the Eastern Cape is where I was schooled and went to university. I have numerous friends here and am using my connections to launch a sister company to Melorani, namely “Dorringtons African Safaris”. These will be based in the Eastern Cape and although we do cater for the bowhunter, it is mainly a rifle hunting destination. My new website will be going live within the next week or two and will show the wide variety of species and diversity of habitats we hunt down here.

We are taking bookings for 2018 again and you can book directly with us.

Should you be interested please use the MELORANI BOOKING FORM  or drop me an email at

Happy Hunting!