Bowhunting South Africa – Melorani Safaris is the Trophy Hunter’s African Paradise.

For the best bowhunting in South Africa, you really need look no further. Melorani is South Africa’s long-standing, exclusively bowhunting only safari destination – specializing in top quality plains game hunting at very affordable prices. Enjoy a true African experience in a safe, friendly environment where you, the hunter, and your entire family can relax and enjoy the many splendors of wild Africa. Yes, If you’re looking for the best Bowhunting South Africa experience – Melorani Safaris is the place to be.


I have just returned from looking at concessions in the Eastern Cape and I am blown away by what I have seen. Through teaming up with the best operator in the Eastern Cape, I now have access to the same concessions, and they are vast and varied.

My personal favourite are the vast mountainous areas of the Karoo. The vistas are spectacular and the intimate hunting camp is delightful with views up into the mountains. One can sit on the verandah and scan them hills for game, and there is plenty of it. Here you will find mountain reedbuck as well as the unique and hard to get Vaal Rhebuck, big eland, east cape kudu, klipspringer, red lechwe, mountain zebra (just become legal to export), plenty gemsbuck, black, white, copper and common springbuck and a host of other species. In winter the mountain tops are often dusted in snow. Many of these animals free range over thousands of hectares with no high fences in sight, the Vaal and mountain reedbuck, eland, kudu, klipspringer and springbuck amongst them.
Then on the same safari, just 3 hours drive away, you can hunt the coastal bush for bushbuck aplenty as well as nyala, blue duiker, oribi, bushpig, bontebok, Cape grysbuck, caracal as well as all the usual plains game species.
Herewith a couple of pics of the dry Karoo mountain area. Pricing very similar to Melorani but no agents involved. – Stewart Dorrington

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…got our mounts back yesterday from our hunt and it reminded us both how much fun we had there and how much we’d like to return soon. We’d like to thank you and everybody there again for making our hunt and whole experience so enjoyable! We really hope to return soon.
Sean Buckley
We enjoyed our trip more than you will ever know. Though I have never been to Africa, Melorani is the only place to go as far as we are concerned. You have the greatest hunting and the best staff anyone could want. We will be telling everyone about you. We look forward to the day we can return
Ray Yates

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